Thursday, April 28, 2011

Charlie Vieitch arrested in raid prior to royal wedding.

Charlie Vietch, who many of you will know as the leader of the Love Police activist
group, has been arrested by British police in a raid at his home on charges of
“conspiracy to cause a public nuisance” at tomorrow’s Royal Wedding.  This is hardly
surprising as he ran to every media source that would point a camera at him and warned
of  the "shock and awe" tactics that would be used to disrupt the royal wedding snozefest.
So, what did you really expect Mr Vietch? Now well known sites are posting articles
asking us to call the custody block and demand his release. Hopefully Vietch and his
"followers" will re-think their bleating and stop the childish attention seeking that has
been the staple of their "work" up to this point. We need to educate people without
scaring them off and screaming into megaphones. The media are not your friends and
never will be. The embarrassment of a very low turn out will be more effective than
disruption or paint bombs. Charlie played right into their hands and was manipulated
by the BBC and other media outlets to shout his mouth off about the plans. We need action
and unity not misguided leadership, we've already got that. Charlie forced the hands of the
police. Imagine the embarrassment and the sackings had they not acted to prevent any kind
of incident while the worlds media looked on. Common sense would have kept a low profile.
We hope he is ok and gets treated well while they keep him out of the picture.

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