Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Burried at sea huh?

Yeah, right. our bullshit detector just exploded. Bin Ladin has been dead for years.
In this video Benazir Bhutto tells David Frost he was killed years ago and when it
airs on the BBC that statement is edited out. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated.

It just goes to show how stupid they think people are but displays like this do imply
this is correct. You can't help feeling sorry for people who believe this dog and pony
show and run in into the streets to celebrate. Oh, Charlie Vietch was released from
custody after being arrested for being an attention seeking media whore. Expect a
book launch sometime soon. Meanwhile much more newsworthy arrests were
being made of people who were not running to TV networks to beg for publicity.

They seemed to be doing very little to get such harsh treatment. The police just
look like soulless husks in this footage. Then, with more of the same here.
Whatever you do don't dress-up and sing songs that mock the "royal" family
and the police. Watch TV, you like TV don't you? Yes, you do.