Thursday, April 28, 2011

Charlie Vieitch arrested in raid prior to royal wedding.

Charlie Vietch, who many of you will know as the leader of the Love Police activist
group, has been arrested by British police in a raid at his home on charges of
“conspiracy to cause a public nuisance” at tomorrow’s Royal Wedding.  This is hardly
surprising as he ran to every media source that would point a camera at him and warned
of  the "shock and awe" tactics that would be used to disrupt the royal wedding snozefest.
So, what did you really expect Mr Vietch? Now well known sites are posting articles
asking us to call the custody block and demand his release. Hopefully Vietch and his
"followers" will re-think their bleating and stop the childish attention seeking that has
been the staple of their "work" up to this point. We need to educate people without
scaring them off and screaming into megaphones. The media are not your friends and
never will be. The embarrassment of a very low turn out will be more effective than
disruption or paint bombs. Charlie played right into their hands and was manipulated
by the BBC and other media outlets to shout his mouth off about the plans. We need action
and unity not misguided leadership, we've already got that. Charlie forced the hands of the
police. Imagine the embarrassment and the sackings had they not acted to prevent any kind
of incident while the worlds media looked on. Common sense would have kept a low profile.
We hope he is ok and gets treated well while they keep him out of the picture.

British indifference to royal wedding.

There is only one day to go for this unimportant over-hyped media circus and those
of us who can think outside the (TV) box seem to be escaping the UK. Just like
Xmas if you are here it will be difficult to escape the royal bore. The poor deluded
souls flocking and in some cases camping out to feel part of it will enjoy the pomp
and display but us proles seem to be less and less interested. The attention seeking
Charlie Vietch has threatened to disrupt proceedings with his little gang. Running to
every camera  that is willing to film him.  More or less saying he is being watched
over by devine forces that have stopped him being arrested (except in Canada) where
other's have not been so lucky. Let's see how he fairs tomorrow, watching him being
dragged off could be the only gripping TV that's shown the whole day.

It is funny how a movement who's name more or less means "self rule" has ended up
with a self-appointed spokesman with the lovable Mr Vietch albeit not a very good
one. Hopefully they will soon tire of his routine. Bait the police, hug the police, slag
them off again, not to mention his ridicules statements to the media. When they do
re-think their "leadership" perhaps they could update the logo too and get rid of the
pyramid and capstone motif.

New Obama Birth Certificate a Forgery?

Even if it was real this was bound to happen. Now many websites are calling
the new birth certificate a fraud too. There does seem to be some inconsistencies.
I'm sure the US government would not lie on this one, surley we can trust them on this?

More here.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This short movie shows the facts about those rebels who have been described
by some as "freedom fighters." So, Libya will turn out to be Iraq Mk2.  Instead of
citing WMD's this time its "protecting civilians" and "democracy". If you liked
that video you may also like this.

Ken Wilber talks about Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is one of the most potent sources of  Dimethyltryptamine or DMT. More and more
it is being used to transcend beyond normal meditation to journey to inner and outer spaces.

Here Ken Wilber gives his views on the Amazonian Shamanic vine: Part 1  &  Part 2.

Also used by the Santo Daime church as a sacrament. Currently in the UK they are fighting
a test case to make their use of it legal. Holland have already ruled in favour of the church on
this matter. So much for European continuity.

Are You A Future Mutant?

Or to put it another way are you a "Futant"?

Can there exist humans who are genetically determined to be indicators of the next
dimension of evolving human consciousness? Yes. We call them Futants.
This paper is intended to provide a name, sense of identity, concept, vocabulary,
context, and suggestion of societal role-contribution.

Full article here.

What's good for the Goose.....

Private Eye editor Ian Hislop has accused the BBC's Andrew Marr of
hypocrisy after he admitted taking out a controversial super-injunction
while working as a journalist. Mr Marr, the corporation's former political
editor, won a High Court order in January 2008 to silence the press
following his extra-marital affair with another national newspaper reporter.

Mr Hislop, who has been fighting the so-called gagging order and
challenged the injunction only last week, condemned the suppression
of reporting as "a touch hypocritical" today. "As a leading BBC interviewer
who is asking politicians about failures in judgment, failures in their private
lives, inconsistencies, it was pretty rank of him to have an injunction while
working as an active journalist," he said.

Victims are the real danger to society.

A terminally ill farmer was menaced with death threats by gang of travellers.
When she called 999 the police turned up and tried to confiscate her shotguns.

Full story here.

Pharmacrotics - When death is just a side-effect.

This little video sums up nicely the attitude of big Pharma "look great - be dead".
In it we see a hapless Middle-aged woman risking terminal illness to calm her
Psoriasis, which is a genetic skin problem caused by an acceleration in the growing
and shedding of new skin. There is no cure and it can only be treated.

With lines like "These may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition" or
"Stelara may increase your risk of cancer" you'd have to wonder what kind of
person would take this shot. An uninformed one. A poor soul who might not have
seen the advert or read the insert becuase they trust their Dr and are driven by
constant itching rather than just trying to look good for a high-school reunion.
Just like a work collegue who ended up being rather ill. They know it's poison
but still market it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The "Royal" Wedding bore.

If you or anyone else you know still thinks that these "people" should be refered to as
"your highness" Alex Jones has a video for you. Covering the German background
of the royals and how they changed their name to Windsor around the time of WW1.

In the meantime those us based in the UK with more than one brain cell are taking cover
to avoid the revolting mainstream media, borish onslought that is already gearing up for
the sleeping masses to coo over as their homes and jobs are taken from them.
What a lovely couple! Thanks for the "day off", but also....Shove it.

The Zionist Roots Of Freemasonry.

Another great interview with Michael Tsarion. Michael breaks down
the subject with ease, backed by years and years of research. You can
listen to it here. Hosted by Truth Frequency Radio based in Texas.

Really? Your iPhone is tracking you?

Wow, well it's not like we couldn't guess this was happening.
Here's a 20 minute video covering what is tracked and how.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone / iPad / iTouch you can
download an app that will switch off the tracking.

If you would like to see just how much tracking data your
iPhone has collected on you and sent back to Apple you can
do that here. It gives instructions on where to find the file on
your device and how to upload it to access map/tracking data.
It will then put it into google maps, for you to see in all it's
orwellian glory. You can also try this app.

Cannabinoids Kill Cancer. 'Government' Has Known for 36 Years.

A new study published in Nature Reviews-Cancer provides an historic
and detailed explanation about how THC and natural cannabinoids
counteract cancer, but preserve normal cells. Full article here.

A great video covering this subject, with testimonial's here.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fukushima Disaster truth.

A quite worrying take on what is really happening after the meltdown in
Japan. The W.H.O have stated there is not too much to worry about and
the food is OK as long as you don't have too much of the same thing!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Interview with Mike Adams the Health Ranger

Interviewed 6th April 2011 with Mike Adams the Health Ranger
and editor of Natural News. Mike wanted to interview Kirk and
Paul, but due to technical probelms could only record 1 person
at a time. Paul gracefully bowed out. The interview should be up
in a few days. In the meantime here is Mike's latest interview with
Jessie Venturua.

Make mine Freedom.

A classic cartoon produced in 1948 :   Make mine feedom.
Frightening to watch as it's very close to what we are dealing with now.

A very interesting interview here on Truth Frequency FM : Max Igan

Bavarian Illuminati.

This church looks to be Illuminated. I spotted this in a Passau church.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm only going to say this 3 times!

Here is our latest animated short -  Disclosure!

Don't know what Disclosure is?

Never seen an Alien? Where HAVE you been?