Thursday, April 28, 2011

British indifference to royal wedding.

There is only one day to go for this unimportant over-hyped media circus and those
of us who can think outside the (TV) box seem to be escaping the UK. Just like
Xmas if you are here it will be difficult to escape the royal bore. The poor deluded
souls flocking and in some cases camping out to feel part of it will enjoy the pomp
and display but us proles seem to be less and less interested. The attention seeking
Charlie Vietch has threatened to disrupt proceedings with his little gang. Running to
every camera  that is willing to film him.  More or less saying he is being watched
over by devine forces that have stopped him being arrested (except in Canada) where
other's have not been so lucky. Let's see how he fairs tomorrow, watching him being
dragged off could be the only gripping TV that's shown the whole day.

It is funny how a movement who's name more or less means "self rule" has ended up
with a self-appointed spokesman with the lovable Mr Vietch albeit not a very good
one. Hopefully they will soon tire of his routine. Bait the police, hug the police, slag
them off again, not to mention his ridicules statements to the media. When they do
re-think their "leadership" perhaps they could update the logo too and get rid of the
pyramid and capstone motif.

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