Wednesday, March 27, 2013

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  1. I posted the Disclosure on Youtube on my channel and gave all credits and link back to you. "Ray Davies-One Jump Ahead", sound recording administered by: 0:48
    Audio Network has filed a copyright claim against this video on my youtube channel

    Do you have the rights to this or not? Do I need to delete this disclosure video?

  2. Missing Links: Ice cores dating back 420,000 years include ancient temperatures. We now have Earth's own story to compare to today, and since evidence proves that carbon dioxide in greenhouse gases is 'not' causing temperatures of the earth to rise, everyone needs to listen to what the Earth is telling us.

    We’re above the average normal for where Earth has been in the past. Are we warmer now than we have ever been, absolutely not!

    Warming does happen, and now is not the warmest Earth has ever been. The warming when it happens is brief, intense, and it’s what comes right 'after' the warming that sometimes can be the problem, it’s the COOLING that follows.