Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New release "GMO A Go GO" 31st Jan, AM - UK GMT

We have worked for over a year on our new film. We can't wait to show it to
you tomorrow morning. Download your copy from tomorrow morning at our site.
Please don't rip it from YouTube, it just looks ugly, get a HD version from us @

If you chop the credits off we will chop your legs off and feed them to angry
Kangaroo's then invoice your family for the extra work. OK? Seriously,
you are free to download and upload the film but only if it stays completely
intact. Please credit us when you do upload so others can get their own copy
and help spread the word about GMO's.

Tweet us @infomaticfilms and please use #gmoagogo if you retweet the film.


Kirk & Paul.

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